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10/30/2022 | Live A Life Worth Imitating (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: October 31, 2022
Pastor Joshua gave a humbling message of re-evaluating our walk with Christ and how we live our life. Are our mindsets allowing us to step into the industries we have been given to take over? If we are not taking responsibility and making moves to take hold of the great commission, the tools needed such as influence and money will not be given to us. Remember the great commission is to make disciples and spread the word of Christ. In order to do that we need to daily check our lives, to continuously check our heart issues. Making sure that the life we are leading is a life worth being imitated. Once we begin to disciple, we can no longer look back at our mentors for guidance. It is now our responsibility to turn to God and ask for revelation and guidance. Don’t concern yourself of the thoughts of men, be more concerned with what the Father says of you. After all don’t you want to hear “Well Done.” at the end of your walk? This sermon was delivered by Pastor Joshua Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church International on October 30, 2022.