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01/08/2023 | Don't Take The Lord For Granted (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: January 09, 2023
This evenings sermon spoke about two brothers and the type of mentality they had towards what is given to them, Esau and Jacob. Esau was the first born of the two, he treated his birth rights as if it was nothing. His mentality was that of someone who did not put any thought into his decisions. Jacob was a zealous man who was constantly seeking to get his blessings even if it was through trickery. (Gen 25:23 - 34 and 27) Esau shows the heart of Christians who take our Father’s blessings for granted. They are the Christ followers who put their own wants and needs before our God. Jacob represents those Christ followers who are zealous after the blessings of our God not for the treasure that comes with chasing after God but to please our Father. Let us take this sermon very seriously, because time is of the essence. Jacob was a man who wrestled God until he had his blessing, even when it caused him a broken hip. Take this as an example of how hard he chased after God, so should we all. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church by Pastor Joshua Sosso on January 8, 2023.