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01/15/2023 | Prophetic Training Begins! (Pastor Joshua & Ed Grubbs)

Published: January 16, 2023
Pastor Joshua and Ed Grubbs begin our prophetic training by laying the basic ground rules of moving in the prophetic. It doesn’t matter what qualifications you lack or posses, it is Gods desire that we all operate in prophecy. The disciples themselves had a lot of thing to work on, and Jesus still chose them. It is very important that you keep your pride out of the words you have been given by our Father. When you are given the words to prophesy, there comes a time and place that it needs to be released, don’t only focus on the words given as many believers do. God will establish us, we do not need to concern ourselves with trying to do it ourselves. Prophetic words always line up with God’s will, timing and heart. Giving Him all the Glory. These are just a few of the many exciting things to come with this Prophetic Training. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church on January 15, 2023 by Pastor Joshua Sosso and Ed Grubbs.